Our story starts in 2016 when we created the first Belgian Virtual Reality fiction movie named Paradise. The main goal was to research how to use the 360°-element for telling a well-crafted story and to test some experimental, new techniques. Due to this research and movie we gave a lot of lectures and not long after the commercial interest of multiple companies followed. In just only a few months we build a considerable portfolio with customers we still work for today.   In time we extended our offering by adding other immersive solutions like augmented reality and holography. Nowadays we are a well-growing scale-up with lots of spirit and energy. We want to push limits with our solutions and amaze people with our productions. But most of all, we want to tell a story.

Why work with us?

Four reasons how we differentiate ourselves

We are pioneers

We do not wait for the market to come up with solutions. This is why we offer unique techniques like our first-person VR or hardware that solves a lot of distribution problems.

We are long-term

We focus on the long-term and creating added value. Our best proof is multiple returning customers and the results of our projects for their business or organization.

We are focused

We solely focus on new media technology with the mindset to become the best of the best. Inside this niche market we offer all-in-one solutions for A to Z.

We are soul-made

We see each project as an important stepping stone in our story. This is why we always go the extra mile to put a touch of soul in everything we do.

Our Team

Sander De Roeck

Managing Partner


Nigel Riemis

Senior developer


Marijn Goossens

Managing Partner


Stijn Huylebroeck

Medior Developer


Esmoreit Lutters

Creative Director


Jordy Van Kerchove

3D Developer

Nick Verbiest

Senior Developer


Sacha Meertens

3D Developer

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