Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the ultimate instrument for a complete experience. Are you organizing a campaign where empathy comes first? Looking for an innovative way to train new employees? Our knowledge and skills allow us to make numerous different Virtual Reality solutions. We create the content, develop software and provide the proper hardware. After making many experiences and solutions we know the bottlenecks and how to tackle them. This way we can guarantee great content and a successful distribution.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality creates a virtual layer on top of what you normally would see. So maybe you want to show your machinery or buildings on your customers desk? No problem, with our AR solution you take your full range of products in your pocket everywhere. We also have different object tracking solutions. This way your smartphone or tablet recognizes different parts of machinery, which can be tremendous help in training or aftersales. Again, we create the content, develop software and provide hardware. This way you will have a carefree process from A to Z.


Holography creates the illusion of an object floating in mid-air. Looking for a new way to put yourself or your products on the map? Our holographic solutions grab the attention and amaze young and old people alike. Searching a way to show something innovative to a larger group with a one-to-many experience? Than holography is the way to go as opposed to one-to-one VR or AR experiences requiring a smartphone, tablet or headset. More information about our holographic solutions: Take a look at our brand extension.